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Thursday, 24 Jan 2019


Currency  Derivatives


Currency Futures

Currently in India, futures contracts of 4 currencies are traded against the Indian Rupee (INR). US Dollar Indian Rupee (USD INR) currency futures were the first to be introduced in Aug 2008 and have seen a 1500% burst in volume growth in this period.
On Feb 1, 2010 the trading of Euro (€) Rupee (EUR INR), Pound Sterling (£) Rupee (GBP INR) and Yen (¥) Rupee (YEN INR) was introduced in India. As in the case of USD INR, trading happens on 2 exchanges – NSE and MCX-SX.
Invest4Revival offers clients the opportunity to trade these products, either in online or offline mode as per their needs. The products provide ample liquidity to function both as a speculative tool and as a hedging instrument for exporters and importers. The attractive features of the product are as follows:

bulletUnlike currency forwards offered by banks, currency futures trading does not have to be backed by an underlying merchant transaction exposure.
bulletTight bid ask spreads; usually 0.25 paisa wide     
bulletMargin requirements less than 5% to take exposure on a lot size of $1000, €1000, £1000 and ¥1,00,000 respectively     
bulletNew asset class for diversification for all resident individuals     
Commodity traders can hedge against unfavourable movements since gold, crude etc.     
bulletFor exporters and importers, no credit line required from their Banker as is the case with forwards     
Ideal tool for those with smaller exposures, as in the case of travel needs, educational payments etc.     

Invest4Revival Advantage

bulletOnline & Offline trading facility on all the bourses     
bulletExclusive daily commentary and research reports by our Currency analyst team     
bulletRegular updates on Dollar INR movement with calls to buy and sell     
bulletSpecial consultancy to Exporters, Importers & Corporate for their Forex transactions     
bulletReceive education on the product through seminars/con-calls organized by Invest4Revival     
bulletYour Cash Margin with Invest4Revival Securities can be used for either segment – Equity or Currency.     

Other awaited products

bulletCurrency options are also expected to be added to the basket of products soon.

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