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Thursday, 24 Jan 2019


Portfolio  Management


Portfolio Management Services

Gone are the days when an investor could directly participate in the capital markets, for they have not only become far more complex in terms of compliances, methodologies, effects and analysis but also need a constant tracking mechanism. As is the case globally, the Indian investor has also realized the advantages of seeking professional advice in order to not only manage but also augment his portfolio.

We at Invest4Revival in our constant endeavor to bring to our esteemed clients global methodology have developed a proprietary model that has enabled us to outperform all major indices with a fair degree of consistency, over the longer term. We continue to be positive of both our approach and the Indian capital markets in general and especially so after UPA’s landslide mandate to guide the country over the next 5 years. However, we believe that the out-performance is more stock-specific and the major indices only provide a barometer for evaluation. This view is expected to only be enhanced going forward, with larger players entering the markets with globally fine-tuned analytical tools.

The Portfolio Management Schemes of the Company offer Discretionary Schemes (Invest4Revival Optimizer & Invest4Revival Growth) for Individuals, Corporate Bodies, Partnership firms, Proprietors, Non Resident Indians etc. The Company is registered with SEBI enabling it to undertake Portfolio Management activities under a specific license.

The Schemes, duly approved by SEBI, are managed by a highly competent team comprising of portfolio managers and equity strategists, backed by a team of fundamental, technical and derivatives analysts. The principle objectives are to identify investment opportunities through globally recognized analytical methodologies, given pre-defined risk parameters construct portfolios to incorporate client objectives periodically review of portfolios in order to consistently deliver returns surpassing the benchmarked index and tailor-make portfolios to incorporate a judicious mix of equity, quazi-equity, money market instruments and derivate products.

PMS is a very personalized service wherein each portfolio has to be specifically constructed in order to reflect the objective and risk appetite of a particular client. Our qualified managers are constantly evolving methodologies and financial models that provide them with a composite mix of:
1.     Medium term comprising of value investing and other fundament tools     
2.     Short term comprising primarily of technical analysis and tools     
3.     Hedging strategies comprising of derivative products     

Along with this water tight investment evaluation strategy we have up in place an equally foolproof client servicing and feedback methodology. All Investment advisors are hand picked and trained on a gamut of Wealth product, this ensures that he is in a very good position to deliver a wholesome wealth experience to the client.

Invest4Revival PMS provides following benefits:

blue-arrow-bullet Strong Research Team     
blue-arrow-bullet Profile based investment solution     
blue-arrow-bullet Professional Fund Management     
blue-arrow-bullet Strict Risk Management     
blue-arrow-bullet Timely performance reporting     
blue-arrow-bullet Periodic reviews & rebalancing     
blue-arrow-bullet Dedicated relationship manager

  • Commodity
  • Fixed Income
  • Equity
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Property
  • Mutual Fund
  • Insurance